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YAKS Holiday is ambitious foray into the hospitality industry.This resonates in the mission & vision statement which emphasizes on the dire need to revolutionize the vacation ownership industry & emerge as the most trusted brand by following the business principles of ensuring credibility & transparency, simplified product features thereby creating ease of use & a high value proposition for the customer, all of which should eventually lead to the much required pull & a complete departure from the conventional holidays businesses.

Though the business has been well accepted as an excellent option to eliminate the risk of low hotel occupancy coupled with the huge market potential for family holidays, the real opportunity lies in the need for a credible player in the industry. YAKS Holiday, the holiday membership , emerges with this strong vision & the commitment to bring World class holidays at an irresistible cost to the aspiring middle-class Indian family. As part of its leadership team, the company has hired the best in the industry who are relentlessly the MD vision into creating a business model with an objective to eliminate deficiencies in the conventional timeshare product. The lean organizational structure, low levels of people dependency yet high levels of people orientation & the need to manage scale with technology at its core, forms the foundation for the company at the helm of which are professionals with undisputed repute and an successful track recor

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